All About Renting

Manhattan as we all know is the “city that never sleeps.” With the finest museums, galleries, theatre, music, designers, restaurants, nightclubs and shops – it is no wonder millions of people of all age ranges want to both live and work here. Not to mention the opportunities Manhattan has to offer in terms of employment, financial accessibility as well as the diverse cultural benefits of living in an international mecca.

With this being said, renting an apartment on an island like Manhattan may involve some preparation in order to avoid unnecessary challenges. You will want to keep in mind that:

1) rental prices tend to be higher here than in most other cities,

2) space is scarce, and

3) depending on the building vacancies may be limited.

To secure and rent an apartment in Manhattan you will need to determine:

-Where Do you Want to Live,
-How Much Can you Afford to Spend,and
-What Will you Need to Complete your Application

Tip: Begin your search 3 weeks to 1 month prior to your desired lease start date. This will allow your MLR agent to assess your needs, explore your options, allow enough time to make your decision, and enough time for you to prepare for your move. Also, keep in mind that great apartments do go quickly in any kind of market and the summer months tend to be very active. Depending on your criteria, after viewing 4-10 apartments you will have a nice idea of what is available for your price point and which property makes the most sense for you and/or your family and friends.