Documentation for Buyers


Manhattan Living Realty strongly urges buyers to come prepared to your first meeting with your MLR agent so he/she can represent you in the best possible light. If you are a serious buyer and would like to move quickly on a property, once you have found an apartment you are interested in you will want to submit your bid/offer in a timely manner and provide the seller or selling agent with as much information and supporting financial documentation as possible.

Please be prepared with the following documentation:

-Pre-approval letter from your bank or mortgage broker (on company letter head)

-Most recent checking and savings bank statements

-Most recent 401K or retirement fund statements (if applicable)

-Most recent asset portfolio statements (if applicable)

-List of other liquid or non-liquid assets

-Letter of employment verifying your start date, annual salary including bonus (must be on company letterhead)

-If self employed – letter from your CPA or attorney verifying your salary and net worth

-2 years of tax returns

-Any other supporting documents or statements to support your package and financial eligibility