Documentation for Renting

Being prepared with your documentation is essential for renting an apartment in Manhattan. Please take a moment to review the following list:


-Completed rental application for each tenant (application fees typically range from $50-$150 per applicant)

-Copy of driver’s license or passport

-Letter of employment verifying your start date, annual salary including expected bonus (must be on company letterhead). If self employed – letter from CPA or attorney verifying your annual income

-Two recent pay stubs

-Most recent checking and savings bank statements

-Most recent 401K or retirement fund statements (if applicable)

-Most recent asset portfolio statements (if applicable)

-List of other liquid or non-liquid assets

-2 years of tax returns (if applicable)

-Any other supporting documents or statements to support your application may be worthwile to have prepared



-Completed rental application (may be required)

-Copy of driver’s license or passport (may be required)

-2 years of tax returns (may be required)

-If self employed – letter from CPA or attorney verifying annual income and net worth (may be required)

-Notarized “Guarantor Letter” accepting the terms of the lease must be submitted


Please note that renting an apartment in a condo or coop will require a board application that may entail deeper disclosure of one’s financials and may involve additional fees as well as a board interview.